Means “to walk” in THE LOCAL ABORIGINAL language

And you need a good set of shoes to walk around this beautiful reserve with its highly diverse vegetation types – rainforest, grasslands, heathlands, sedgelands, woodlands, wetlands – capped off with gorgeous views to the Tasmanian coastline. The reserve was established by a forward-thinking family 24 years ago to conserve old growth Black peppermint, Barber’s mallee, a stand of critically-endangered Eucalyptus Ovata, and habitat for native animals.

Today, Takara protects over 2660 acres of Tasmanian wilderness that have never had chemicals sprayed or waters contaminated by historical or current activities. Healthy native flora communities are interlaced with headwater streams and slow-flowing brooks. Bettong, Swift parrots, Tasmanian Devils, Quolls, Pademelon, and Australian grayling can be found here along with the original stands of Barber’s mallee, forest germander and old-growth Black peppermint.


We have recently purchased a part of the next door neighbour’s pristine property, thereby extending Takara by a further 600 acres. Having spent some time down there with the former owner and a trained park ranger, we know this fabulous property is in excellent condition. But there are still things to be done like securing the western perimeter, maintaining internal access roads, conducting fauna counts, and local weed management.