What we do

This is our “passion project”

Habitat loss, environmental degradation, carbon emissions and pollution are irrevocably changing the world around us. Recent bushfires and natural disasters around Australia and the world have put a spotlight on how much our world is suffering as a result of human actions. Governments have been slow to act because trees and koalas don’t vote. And some people are blasé because it’s all “too hard”. But unless we undertake meaningful action soon, there won’t be a planet left for us to live in… let alone worry about who to vote for….

Thankfully, there are those who care about the future, are willing to act, and are willing to lead by example. We established the Wildlife Bank to buy, protect, study, and repair our land for future generations.

What We Do

Building knowledge

Many of the supposed benefits of prescribed burning and more are unsupported by science

Buying land

We acquire and manage land that
has existing biodiversity value or threatened species

Safeguarding the landscape

We undertake different safeguarding activities relevant to each reserve’s unique needs

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

For every tree and animal we lose – whether due to development, land degradation, heat stress or dehydration – all living things on our planet move a step close to extinction. That includes you and me, not just our beautiful wildlife.

Our special places